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What Is Vaginoplasty And What Is It Used For?

When history is analyzed it is really amazing to realize how much effort women put to be more and beautiful. And it goes on even now. Genital esthetic which is provided by modern medicine is widely accepted and used because of that.
Genital esthetic is the applications which are more preferred by women nowadays. Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty are mostly chose operations in this field. Vaginoplasty takes great interest on this manner.

Technic of the Vaginoplasty Operation

If wanted to be explained shortly when women want to tighten their vagina that is the operation to choose.  Because of childbirth and other problems vaginal loosening occurs. And because of that during sexual intercourse some unpleasant sounds and pleasure diminish are serious disturbing points. These can cause serious concentration loss. With this operation these problems solved.
Because the operation area is so delicate and sensitive there are some problems in the minds of women who think to have this type of operation. But in real there is nothing to fear. Operation is done under general anesthesia and on average within half an hour. Only small cuts inside vagina are done. Melting sutures are applied because of that after surgery suture taking is not necessary.
In this way vagina is tightened 3-4 centimeters and repositioned. After a short period of time people are satisfied with their surgery. Also there is an alternative laser technic which is applied by the people who doesn’t want to have a surgery. People have the chance to apply whatever procedure they like to do.