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Sweating Disorder

Sweating Nightmare of Daily Life can Fade Away with Treatment

Sweating is the physiological process which is controlled by sympathetic system and it is a defense mechanism to protect body temperature. Excessive water and toxins are discarded and body temperature is regulated with sweating. In this manner this process is beneficial. But sometimes this process makes life so torment full and causes people to lose confidence. And because of that people move away from social areas.

Causes of Sweating and Outer Effects

Excessive sweating which is one of the most important problem people experienced is triggered by heat, high spice intake and other causes which ruin body’s temperature regulation. Sympathetic nerves which cause excessive sweating at the hands, arm pits and feet. Its mechanism isn’t clearly understood. Some technics which are used in modern medicine give hope to the people who experience this problem.
What is Sweating Treatment?
There are some ways used for treatment on this manner. Botox treatment, creams and drugs treatment and iontophoresis treatment are successful treatment methods which helps patients with their problem. If these methods don’t have a good outcome ETS treatment with Clips is used.
ETS treatment with clips is a process which causes nerve block. With this treatment method success rate is up to 90 percent. With this surgical procedure excessive sweating is no more a nightmare for patients.