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Fat Injection (PRP Added Fat Injection)

Day by day more esthetical procedures are used and they are more accessible because women want to get rid of the flaws they have. Charts on this topic show us that truth. In this industry research and development has priority because with sociological researches people’s satisfaction can be understood easily.
Fat injection is one of the most important and used treatment in this area. Day by day the process is developed. As an example PRP added fat injection is widely known and used application.

Things Can Be Done With PRP Added Fat Injection

Fat injection is used to give volume to the desired area on the body. Application method is close to the Botox application but they are used in different areas.
With PRP added fat injection volume increment is possible. Also it is possible to regain a younger look in deformed areas of body. If PRP is added to fat injection it promotes collagen production in used area. With this procedure body has a healthier look and the area can refresh itself with newly produced collagen. Success of the procedures that applied can be easily understood by looking to the people who has experienced same procedure.