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Eyebrow Transplantation

There are some spots on one s face which presents its vanity. It is important that these spots must be flashy and well-kept. For a woman the look, shape and density of her eyebrows caries much importance. Having thin and ill-shaped eyebrows is very disturbing for a woman. With eyebrow transplantation a women can overcome these problems.
Eyebrow transplantation is done with the same technic which is used on men s beard and moustache transplantation. Thin areas must be carefully observed and detected first and then transplantation is done. It is very important that this must be done by an expert. Eyebrow transplantation which is done by not professional may have very bad outcomes.
Taking Care of Eyebrow Transplantation
Even though it is a simple procedure eyebrow transplantation needs much attention. It is really important that hair follicles direction must be set right and grafts must be in consistence. Some people wonder if the transplanted eyebrow is going to grow or not. According to the research transplanted eyebrows grow. Because hairs which were taken for transplant are from back of the neck.
Doing the Transplantation
Eyebrow transplantation is done after the necessary studies finished. For this procedure only one day is enough. After eyebrow transplantation you must get your eyebrow shortened in a regular basis. Doing this procedure is obligatory for you. Before eyebrow transplantation you must be careful on the points and do your share ideally.