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Cheekbone Esthetic

Having a Younger and More Alive Look Is Possible With Cheekbone Esthetic
Apple bones are very important in face beauty. The depression in this area can cause a bad look in the face. When it is on the face it can cause a sagged older look. Because of that cheekbone esthetic is a widely applied treatment method.
Flatness on cheekbone can be congenital or it can happen because of an accident. Aging is also another factor for that areas flattening.

How Cheekbone Esthetic is done?

Either flatness is congenital or acquired the procedure which is applied doesn’t differ. Filling of this area is made with filling or prosthesis. Filling means fat added PRP.
These procedures provide fullness of the cheek and give a younger appearance to the patient. Projecting cheeks always look alive and young.
What is the Difference between Prosthesis and Filling?
There is two technics which is used in cheekbone esthetic. There is a prosthesis which is put on the bone or patient’s own fat tissue used for that. There are pros and cons of both procedures.
Choosing the procedure is decided by the doctor and patient. In mild cases generally filling is preferred. Purpose of that is not to use foreign substances. Operations last 1-2 hours and when prosthesis is used general anesthesia in the case of filling local anesthesia is applied.